Results Publication Service



oneThe Race Team web app, optimised for tablets and smartphones, has been reorganised and the sequence of pages is now

  • Login
  • Race selector
  • Entry list
  • Start times
  • Non-finisher input
  • Finish sheet input
  • Review and publish

Performance and usability have been improved with inline help and the ability to reorder finish sheet rows and add, reorder and delete finish sheets.

For large events with multiple fleets on the same course it can be difficult to determine the times of the first and last finishers in individual fleets. As an experiment the Review and Publish page interpolates between known times to generate approximate first and last finisher times.

two.PNGThe Sailwave driver can now handle multiple Sailwave series files for an event.

threePublished results, both on the web and rolling displays, now include flight, nationality, region and division columns when appropriate. The results web app includes a summary page as well as individual race results.